‘GANDHI’ of Tribal People

Great People of India

Story of Naik :- Lakshman Naik (22 November 1899 – 29 March 1943) was born in Tantuligumaa village of Malkangiri in Koraput district. His father was Padmal Naik, who was a tribal chief. And the mayor was a madrassa of the institute. Naik was originaly from tribal tribe. Adivasis have their own distinct identity and if somebody is trying to make some changes in it then there is always resistance to Adivasi. When India was under British government, efforts were made to bring about change in society by the British administration. This made the sense of resistance in the tribals became part of the Indian independence movement. Many leaders of this movement played their heroic role, but the role played by Laxman Naik was memorable and contemplative. He was Brave and Veer who was the inspiration for everyone. He was always standing like a huge mountain on the way to the British Government. He adopted ‘Gandhian Theory‘ for the independence of India. He chose truth and non-violence as his weapon. He always opposed the British government. It was his passionate to giving freedom to India. Naik took a long procession rally in his leadership on 21st August, 1942, singing the country’s devotional songs with hundreds of tribal people. Due to demonstrations in front of Meteili police station, police lathicharged and firing, many killed and many others were injured. The police implicated Naik in a murder case. He was arrested and sent to Berhpur jail. Laxman Naik was hanged on March 29, 1943. Thus the Naik sacrificed his life for the sake of the country’s interest. Nike may have left the world but he still lives in the hearts of people.

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