Shobha Rajyaksh


Shobha Rajyaksh(born 7 January 1948)

Shobha Rajyaksh is also known as Shobha De. Shobhaa De is an Indian columnist and novelist. Shobhaa De is known for his portrayal of socialite and is known for sex in his work of fiction, for which Shobha De is known as “Jackie Collins of India”.

early life

Shobha De (Shobha Rajyaksh) was born in a Saraswat Brahmin Hindu family. He was born in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, and later brought to Girgaum, Mumbai brought to him. He started his career as a model with Jeetat Aman.

Shobha De started his career in journalism after making his name as a model, during which he established and edited three magazines – Stardust, Society, and Celebrity. The magazine was started in Women’s Diamond and popularized under the editions of Shobhaa Dey. He contributed to the Sunday magazine section of The Times of India in the 1980s, using social life to find out the lifestyle of the celebrities of Mumbai. He is a freelance writer and columnist for many newspapers and magazines.

Shobha De runs four columns in mainstream newspapers, including The Times of India and Asian Age. He is the author of popular soaps on television, including India’s second daily serial, Swabhiman.

Shobhaa De has participated in several literary festivals including the Writers Festival in Melbourne. He is a regular participant of the Literature Festival in Bangalore, which has been a part of its first edition since its debut and brand ambassador of Dehradun Literature Festival.

Among the opinions of some of Shiv Sena’s views, there have also been protests, including a separate unit of Maharashtra’s separation from Maharashtra.

During the 2016 Olympics, Shobha De suggested in a tweet that Indian athletes visited the Olympics only to take selfies and spend government money in the Olympics. His comment received widespread criticism everywhere.

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